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Play high limits on slot machines for better money February 12, 2013 by Marc Meltzer

Smart & Fun Gambling | Both reel and video slot machines are run by a Random Number Generator (RNG) chip. Random is the important word here. Every spin is random and independent from the previous spin or future spins.

Fiesta Henderson throwbacks for 15th anniversary February 05, 2013 by H. Scot Krause

Real Deals | Fiesta Henderson will celebrate 15 years of providing entertainment by hosting events and activities this weekend.Throughout its anniversary week, Fiesta Henderson will also hold giveaways and offer unbeatable “throwback” specials.

In video poker 3-Card Straight can be tricky to play February 05, 2013 by Elliot Frome

Winning Strategies | The rules for 3-Card Straight Flushes are very subtle. We play a 3-Card Inside Straight Flush over a 2-Card Royal, So, if you have 9H, JH, QH, 2C, 3C, we play the 3-Card Inside Straight Flush over the 2-Card Royal.

Defining casino pay tables we can understand January 29, 2013 by Elliot Frome

Winning Strategies | I realize I have a strong math background, but when I started in this industry, I didn’t realize what I’m about to show you is not universally understood. It is how to calculate the payback of a pay table.

True video poker paylines fix confusion January 22, 2013 by Marc Meltzer

Smart & Fun Gambling | If you’re a video poker player I always recommend giving the progressive video poker machines a look when walking through the casino.

Not all grasp exact strategy of video poker January 22, 2013 by Elliot Frome

Winning Strategies | If dealt an off-suit JKA and choose to keep all three instead of just the JK, the cost to your bankroll will be far less than misplaying four-card flushes.

Spin & Win for cash at Plaza and Las Vegas Club January 22, 2013 by H. Scot Krause

Real Deals | Earn entries to Spin & Win for cash every Saturday through Feb. 23 at the Plaza and Las Vegas Club. Every 100 points earns 1 entry and 10 winners are selected to receive up to $1,000 cash.

Video poker strategy not same as draw poker January 15, 2013 by Elliot Frome

Winning Strategies | Many of you have read my column when I talk about how video poker strategy is nothing like regular 5-card draw poker strategy at a poker game. This is absolutely true. 

Las Vegas Casino bargains and promotions January 15, 2013 by H. Scot Krause

Real Deals | Read about the latest deals and promotions from The D Las Vegas, the LVH, Boyd Gaming, Terrible's casino, the Cosmopolitan and so much more!

Royal even beats Expected Value theory January 08, 2013 by Elliot Frome

Winning Strategies | On a slightly lower level, this can explain why some players will trade in some amount of overall payback for the opportunity to hit a Royal Flush in video poker.

Las Vegas Casinos having January promotions January 08, 2013 by H. Scot Krause

Real Deals | Fiesta Henderson and Rancho have several promotions running this month. Drawings are held every Friday and Saturday at 8:15 p.m. at both locations for $500,000 Card Shark High/Low. 

Rampart cashing in on ‘13 December 31, 2012 by H. Scot Krause

Real Deals | Will you keep it or risk it? During January, Rampart Casino drawing winners will have to decide if they’ll pocket the guaranteed $400 cash or trade it away for a shot at up to $10,000 cash.

Hit Ellis Island before world ends December 18, 2012 by H. Scot Krause

Real Deals | According to some interpretations of ancient Mayan calendars and beliefs the world is coming to end Dec. 21, Ellis Island Casino & Brewery isn’t taking chances. They’re “giving away the store!” 

12 days of giveaways in Las Vegas casinos December 11, 2012 by H. Scot Krause

Real Deals | Celebrate 12 Days of Giveaways at Suncoast Hotel & Casino. From December 12-23 drawings will be held daily at 8 p.m. giving away cash and electronics. Giveaways include: gift items plus cash prizes of $5,000 and $10,000.

Study shows gamblers prefer slots to table games December 11, 2012 by Marc Meltzer

Smart and Fun Gambling | Penny Slots are taking over the world. If they’re not, then they’re at least taking over the casino. 

Double Double Bonus Poker two pair frustrations December 11, 2012 by Elliot Frome

Winning Strategies | One of the most frustrating parts of playing Double Double Bonus Poker is getting paid only 1 on a Two Pair. 

Paytables can alter strategy for video poker December 04, 2012 by Elliot Frome

Winning Strategies | While a 2-card Royal is hardly the most powerful hand, it is a fairly frequently occurring one. When a player has 3 High Cards, with 2 of them of the same suit, he discards the third High Card and plays the two suited ones.

Casinos are often in clusters providing variety November 27, 2012 by Marc Meltzer

Smart and Fun Gambling | There’s not one perfect casino anywhere. Some casinos may have a great selection of restaurants, bars, activities or gambling but few have everything.

Video Poker strategy is about the long run November 27, 2012 by Elliot Frome

Winning Strategies | Last night, I sat down at a five-play Double Double Bonus machine and had a mostly frustrating night. In the end, I hit a big four of a kind and only lost a few dollars, so it wasn’t a financially frustrating evening. 

Illinois draws $346,000 in October video gambling revenue November 21, 2012 by Staff & Wire Reports

A new Illinois Gaming Board report this week shows video gambling statewide brought in more than $346,000 last month, which is when the bulk of the machines went live. 

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Cannery C.A.N. Club full of great rewards

Cannery C.A.N. Club full of great rewards

The C.A.N. Club at the Cannery in North Las Vegas offers its members four tier levels with increasing rewards and many benefits.
Not to be confused with the Eastside Cannery – although they are both owned by the same company, Cannery Casino Resorts – they both have separate slot clubs. 


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