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Clooney's 2005 planned resort site goes on sale

Video poker beginners choose Jacks or Better February 03, 2015 by Elliot Frome

Winning Strategies | I write about a variety of different games in my weekly column. When I first started writing it was almost exclusively about video poker.

Tone of voice can lead to poker tells February 03, 2015 by Irene Edith

Heavenly Poker | By carefully listening to your opponent as she speaks, the tone and pitch can give you real clues – information – to help you make the best decisions in your own favor. Alternatively, your own voice tones can reveal information.

Finding Omaha poker's best rooms February 03, 2015 by Robert Turner

Beyond the Numbers | ​If you’re traveling to the western part of the United States and ready to practice playing the game of Omaha in a live setting, here is a rundown of the action.

Plenty of poker tournaments on tap January 27, 2015 by H. Scot Krause

Poker Deals | The All-Suite Hotel poker room (home of the “World Series of Poker) continues to offer a $4,000 Weekly Free Roll Poker Tournament every Saturday at 6 p.m. with first through tenth places each receiving $400. 

Bias can turn winning hands to losing ones January 27, 2015 by Irene Edith

Heavenly Poker | Confirmation bias is a tendency for people to favor information that supports their preconceptions regardless of whether the information is true. Right or wrong, it corroborates an individual’s personal preconceived notion – a bias.

Listen up when the 'First Lady of Poker' speaks January 27, 2015 by George Epstein

Poker by George | I always enjoy reading anything Linda Johnson writes or says about poker. She is regarded as the “First Lady of Poker” – and for very good reason! In 1993, she became the publisher of “Card Player” magazine.

How to bluff correctly in poker January 20, 2015 by George Epstein

Poker by George | Bluffing is an essential strategy in every game of poker. As a rule, if you never bluff, you are bound to be a loser. Your opponents soon learn you are a tight player so they fold whenever you raise, knowing you never bluff.

Real Gaming poker plans VIP Super Bowl party at South Point January 20, 2015 by H. Scot Krause

Poker Deals | Backed by the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa, Real Gaming online poker players have a chance to see football at its finest and win tickets to the private VIP Big Game Party on Sunday, Feb. 1.

Poker and video poker have different angles January 20, 2015 by Elliot Frome

Winning Strategies | Last week’s column was about how there is no bluffing in the casino outside of the poker room. For most games, this probably isn’t hard to swallow.

Success in poker comes down to focus January 20, 2015 by Irene Edith

Heavenly Poker | Without paying close attention to the game – focusing – you are likely to be a frequent loser. 

Play Omaha if you treat poker like a business January 20, 2015 by Robert Turner

Beyond The Numbers | I remember seeing an ad for an online poker site that said, “Come play poker with the best players in the world.” 

Forget bluffing in the Casino January 13, 2015 by Elliot Frome

Winning Strategies | Every single casino game is built solely on math. You are either playing against a paytable or against the Dealer.

New poker room opens at Caesars January 13, 2015 by H. Scot Krause

Poker Deals | The Caesars Palace poker room has relocated between the Colosseum and the race and sports book. The 4,500 square foot room features a $4 rake on all no limit games, and $3 max rake on all limit games.

Skilled poker players can sway luck January 13, 2015 by Irene Edith

Heavenly Poker | Lucy and I were discussing Good vs. Bad Luck. The problem is no one can control luck. On the other hand, skilled players can sway it in their favor.

Aggressive vs. assertive in poker January 13, 2015 by George Epstein

Poker by George | In poker, it is accepted that aggressive play is the opposite of passive play. The passive player rarely raises; whereas, the “aggressive” player often raises.

Horseshoe Cleveland launches $200k poker tourney January 08, 2015 by Staff & Wire Reports

Horseshoe Casino Cleveland is launching a four-day, $200,000 quarterly poker tournament that aims to draw players from Ohio and the surrounding states.  The first tournament will be May 1-4, with tournaments also planned for August and November.

Expert strategy has three parts January 06, 2015 by Elliot Frome

Winning Strategies | My first column of the new year often deals with a resolution to give up the slot habit and become a video poker player. This year, I’m tweaking that a bit.

Plan poker bluffs around your outs January 06, 2015 by Irene Edith

Heavenly Poker | A bluff is betting a weak hand, hoping to force out your opponent who holds a better hand. It’s a form of deception; poker is a game of deception.

Big Blind play depends on the table January 06, 2015 by George Epstein

Poker by George | This time, you are the Big Blind in a limit poker game, with a marginal hand you would be prone to fold, especially from an early position.

Style of game can determine your poker decisions December 30, 2014 by George Epstein

Poker By George | In this column, we will see two possible poker exceptions: A limit game of Texas hold’em with a loose-passive texture, and you're the Button with a marginal hand.

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El Cortez brings value through Club Cortez

El Cortez brings value through Club Cortez

​Club Cortez is the customer loyalty program (slot club) found at the El Cortez in downtown Las Vegas, rewarding you for being a valued player at the hotel-casino. Membership is free and easy. 


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