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Mayor’s Poker Tournament for Charity May 21, 2014 by Staff & Wire Reports

The World Series of Poker is hosting the first annual New Jersey Mayor’s Poker Tournament for Charity 

Defining chances that an ace flops May 20, 2014 by George Epstein

Poker by George | Playing hold’em, you have been dealt pocket Kings – a made hand. It’s a big favorite over every other player unless one has A-A in the hole.

Pitching poker for a new pastime May 20, 2014 by Irene Edith

Heavenly Poker | Baseball has long been regarded as our national pastime. It provides excellent entertainment, leisure-time activity, and distraction from troubling times in our disjointed, crazy world.

Golden Nugget will host annual Grand Poker Series May 20, 2014 by H. Scot Krause

Poker Deals | The Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino will host the seventh annual Grand Poker Series June 4-July 6, in The Grand Event Center. The month-long series offers more than 200 live poker tournaments.

Big One for One Drop poker tournament returns May 13, 2014 by Staff & Wire Reports

The second installment of the The BIG ONE for ONE DROP poker tournament will return to the famed Amazon Room at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

Sapphire Foundation antes up with poker tournament May 13, 2014 by H. Scot Krause

Poker Perks | Read about the latest poker deals and promotions from The Sapphire Foundation for Prostate Cancer, Station Casinos, 888poker Rewards, Palms Casino Resort and so much more!

Raising with a small pair before the flop in Texas Hold'em May 13, 2014 by Irene Edith

Heavenly Poker | Watching a no-limit poker tournament shown on TV, an early-position was dealt A-9 offsuit and the other player had 5-5 in the hole. The A-9 in early-position made a relatively small raise.

You can succeed at bluffing in most poker games May 13, 2014 by George Epstein

Poker by George | Writing in Poker Player Newspaper (March 24, 2014), Mike Caro questioned the wisdom of bluffing. Mike is a brilliant poker guru, but no one is always right. It’s hard to argue against Mike, but I will.

In Ultimate Texas Hold'em, you play against dealer May 13, 2014 by Elliot Frome

Winning Strategies | Last week, I alluded to the notion players play Ultimate Texas Hold’em more timidly than they should. While a portion of this is probably based in the relatively complex strategy of the game...

Minnesota Fats was a real showman at the Bicycle Casino May 06, 2014 by Robert Turner

Beyond the Numbers | Minnesota Fats changed my life. I first fell in love with pool at 15 when a friend invited me to a pool tournament in Tennessee. It looked like something out of a movie. 

Back to Florida this week for a poker tournament May 06, 2014 by H. Scot Krause

Poker Deals | We head back to Florida this week for a tournament opportunity. Poker players have the opportunity to win-a-seat in the upcoming Seminole Hard Rock Tampa Summer Poker Open Championship

I can apply Mama's wisdom to the game of poker May 06, 2014 by Irene Edith

Heavenly Poker | Mama, bless her memory, said many years ago when I was in my late teens: “Sometimes you have to quit while you are ahead.” Today, we will explore another piece of her advice.

California Internet poker looks possible in 2015 April 29, 2014 by Phil Hevener

Gaming Insider | Internet poker in California remains “very much a long shot this year” but a deal in 2015, a nonelection year, looks “quite possible.”

Caesars announces WSOP Warm-Up Poker Series April 29, 2014 by H. Scot Krause

Poker Deals | Caesars Palace has announced the schedule for the 2014 WSOP Warm-Up Poker Series featuring 25 tournaments, 11 of which have guaranteed prize pools or WSOP Main Event seat packages, totaling over $110,000.

One of the keys to winning at the poker tables April 29, 2014 by Irene Edith

Heavenly Poker | That’s one of the keys to winning at poker! If you want to succeed (i.e., win) at poker, it is essential you have “the right start.” Your starting hand must be carefully and wisely selected.

How best to play jacks on the turn when bets get much bigger April 29, 2014 by George Epstein

Poker by George | If your pocket Jacks remains the probable high hand on the turn – i.e., there is no A, K or Q on the board, in which case an opponent likely would have your J-J beaten – recognize that it is still quite vulnerable.

Several new poker tournaments are in the making April 22, 2014 by H. Scot Krause

Poker Deals | Several new tournaments are in the making. The first is a new charitable event. OV Nation, a new generation of Opportunity Village supporters, will host the group’s first-ever poker tournament on Sunday, May 4 from 1-6 p.m.

Defining what we call good poker tables April 22, 2014 by Irene Edith

Heavenly Poker | Considering the vast majority of your starting hands will be drawing hands, you want enough opponents in the pot to make it attractive when you do connect on the flop. That’s a “multiway” pot. That’s a “loose” table.

Poker tournament refund announced by Borgata Casino April 17, 2014 by Staff & Wire Reports

The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa is reimbursing players in a poker tournament that was suspended after counterfeit chips were discovered. The Borgata enhanced security and introduced more intricate chips for its poker tournament last week.

Seminole Hard Rock to host Summer Poker Open April 15, 2014 by H. Scot Krause

Poker Perks | In Florida, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa will be hosting the Summer Poker Open tournament series, which will feature a $1 million Guaranteed Championship.

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