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Sheldon Adelson to take over Sands China CEO job

Win A Fiat 500 at Hard Rock and Silverton Casinos July 10, 2012 by H. Scot Krause

Real Deals | Fiat seems to be the car of the month. You can win one at both the Hard Rock and Silverton Casinos, which will be giving them away to several lucky players this month.

A Las Vegas 4th of July at Station Casino July 03, 2012 by H. Scot Krause

Real Deals |  In celebration of Independence Day, the mid-week July 4 holiday will be celebrated all over town with fireworks and parties galore and kicks us off to a great month of casino promotions.

50th anniversary celebration at the Eldorado in Henderson June 26, 2012 by H. Scot Krause

Real Deals |  On Sunday, July 1 at 3 p.m., Bill Boyd will attend the official 50th anniversary celebration at the Eldorado – open to the public – featuring a champagne toast, free cake and special anniversary giveaways.

Bet buffets at 2-1 at your favorite Las Vegas casino June 19, 2012 by H. Scot Krause

Real Deals |  Look for great buffet deals this month at many of your favorite locals’ casinos. Red Rock Station, Jerry's Nugget, Suncoast, Hard Rock, Terrible's and LVH to name a few.

Riviera Hotel and Casino's bingo hall going virtual May 21, 2012 by Staff & Wire Reports

The Las Vegas Strip’s only bingo room is going virtual. The Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is launching a partnership this week with Buffalo Studios, the company behind the popular Facebook game Bingo Blitz.

Caveman Keno very popular May 15, 2012 by Brad Fredella

Fredella’s Fix | One version of Caveman offers a top award of 2,000 credits for hitting a solid seven-spot or better and a top multiplier of 10X, giving the player a total top possible award of 20,000-1, twice that of traditional keno.

Keno strategies to select betting numbers April 10, 2012 by Keno Lil

Keno Lil | There is an old saying in keno that there are only two strategies to select your betting numbers.

Some random thoughts: No love here for cluster strategy March 20, 2012 by Keno Lil

Keno Lil |  I just don’t buy the "cluster" strategy. The only mathematical rationale behind the clustering theory would be the theory that the random number generators built into these machines is faulty to the extent it will produce visible clusters of numbers on the board.

My 6-way-9’s keno ticket ‘Sister Act’ March 13, 2012 by Keno Lil

Keno Lil | This week we investigate the 6-way 9-spot ticket. In my column you will find four different tickets, a 12-spot, a 13-spot, a 14-spot and a 15-spot, all of which have a 6-way 9-spot way as part of their combinations.

Riviera offers ‘healing packages’ for Bingo March 06, 2012 by Mark Mayer

Pokin' Around | This past Saturday the Riviera Hotel & Casino hosted a special bingo charity event to benefit several charities. There were three packages available. The "Healing Package" cost $50 and included six packs, equaling 36 cards.

Applying more paint to keno balls March 06, 2012 by Keno Lil

Keno Lil |  Last week we talked about the idea that the amount of paint on the keno ball could affect the outcome of the call. I pretty much debunked that with the proviso that this idea can actually be tested these days through simple statistical methods.

An ‘on the ball’ opinion on painting February 28, 2012 by Keno Lil

Keno Lil |  So the unintentional effect of paint is ruled out but there is also concern with the use of paint to tamper intentionally with the game’s results. In other words, the use of paint as a cheating device.

Detailing how to play those 9’s in keno February 21, 2012 by Keno Lil

Keno Lil |  Consider these four different tickets, which all have 15 spots and are all four way nines: 6-3-3-3, 5-3-3-3-1, 4-3-3-3-2, and 3-3-3-2-2-2.

Keno formula to calculate games played before money runs out February 14, 2012 by Keno Lil

Keno Lil |  Although it is useful in a mathematical sense the keno player will find that in most instances you will not get as many plays as the formula suggests since it includes the lucky few who hit solid winners that skews the distribution.

Alabama judge rules electronic bingo machines illegal February 13, 2012 by Staff & Wire Reports

A county judge has finally ruled that the electronic bingo machines that been operating in Alabama are definitely illegal. Some 300 of the devices were confiscated in raids in Jefferson County last year. 

Structuring to Twins applies to a keno way ticket February 07, 2012 by Keno Lil

Keno Lil | The "Rule of the Twins" is simple and applies to the basic structure of a keno way ticket. We observed years ago that in fact on every keno ticket if you take away a certain number of spots, that leaves a certain number.

Diversity 'splice of life' in keno ways January 31, 2012 by Keno Lil

Keno Lil |  The technique of splitting your ticket to provide more diverse ways to play can be applied to more complex tickets as well as the simple ones that we examined last week.

The pleasure of splitting your keno ticket January 24, 2012 by Keno Lil

Keno Lil | Are you bored with your old keno way ticket? Maybe you play a six and 3/2, 2-2-2 for $2.50 and you’d like to try a new path to success. Perhaps you play that old eight and 4/2 marked 2-2-2-2 and you hunger for more diversity in your play. 

There’s plenty of fun out there playing 6’s in Keno January 17, 2012 by Keno Lil

Keno Lil |  The six way 6 is of course one of the most popular way tickets of all time, when marked with 12 spots, grouped 3-3-3-3.

For the six-spot Keno players it's the most popular ticket January 10, 2012 by Keno Lil

Keno Lil | The six-spot is not one of my favorite tickets. I think that in general you get more bang for the buck with a five-spot or an eight-spot, so I don’t tend to write about them much. That being said, it is true the six-spot is the most popular ticket played today.

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