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Aristocrat New Slot Profile – Extra Bonus Wilds April 01, 2015 by Staff & Wire Reports

Aristocrat New Game Profile April 2015 – Extra Bonus Wilds The Newest Aristocrat Class III Game Category.

South Point hosts $145K poker tournament March 31, 2015 by H. Scot Krause

Poker Deals | South Point Casino will host a $145,000 cash back Free Roll Hold’em Poker Tournament on Saturday, May 16 at noon.

Pocket aces success depends on poker skill March 31, 2015 by George Epstein

Poker by George | Pocket Aces is often called a “made hand” preflop, meaning it could win without further improvement. The key words here are “could win.”

Poker math isn't as simple as some might think March 31, 2015 by Irene Edith

Heavenly Poker | Perhaps you, too, enjoy reading poker columns by poker writers. Certainly we can learn from the experiences and expertise they generously share with us.

Casino player opinion matters a great deal March 31, 2015 by Elliot Frome

Winning Strategies | I thought it would become easier when Bally Technologies bought Shuffle Master. Everybody has heard of Bally’s! 

Atlantis keno progressive is phenomenal March 31, 2015 by Pesach Kremen

Crazy for Keno | They have progressives for 4 and 5 spots at $2 per ticket. The progressive levels are available 24/7 at

The Cal provided a great keno tourney atmosphere March 24, 2015 by Pesach Kremen

Crazy for Keno | We played way tickets to get ahead of the leade, and also to try for second or third as the leader caught a $3 seven-spot early in the tourney for a whopping $48,000.

Poker is about winning the most chips, not most hands March 24, 2015 by George Epstein

Poker by George | In order to “win better,” our primary goal is to win more money – rather than just more hands. What’s your thought on playing suited hole cards? There are poker players – foolish souls – who just love suited cards in the hole. 

More poker words in daily life March 24, 2015 by Irene Edith

Heavenly Poker | Here are more words and terms often used while playing poker that have found their way into our daily lives and language – even when far from the poker table.

Station Casinos offers World of Adventure giveaway March 24, 2015 by H. Scot Krause

Real Deals | Through March 26, guests can play the World of Adventure Giveaway Game for daily play at any Station or Fiesta casino for their chance to win up to 1 million Boarding Pass points.

Utah Woman Wins $10,744,293.40 Megabucks March 17, 2015 by Staff & Wire Reports

Utah resident Trinidad T. struck it rich at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino on Saturday, March 14 when she hit the $10,744,293.40 progressive jackpot on an IGT Megabucks® $1 slot machine. 

Online gambling boosts N.J.'s economy despite over regulation March 17, 2015 by David Cash

It’s no secret that Atlantic City, New Jersey has suffered a precipitous fall from their status as one of the premier gambling destinations in the world. The official reason is ‘too much competition’.

Double Bonus Poker has great value March 17, 2015 by Elliot Frome

Winning Strategies | I almost never play Jacks or Better video poker anymore. It is to video poker what blackjack is to table games. That is to say, relatively boring.

Poker, like life, has promises and rewards March 17, 2015 by George Epstein

Poker By George | The issues we face in life – the risks and uncertainties, as well as the promises and rewards – have their counterparts in the game of poker.

The D has some solid keno odds March 17, 2015 by Pesach Kremen

Crazy for Keno | There still is an excellent opportunity for keno in downtown Las Vegas where you can get a return in the 85% range at very low minimums.

Poker words and terms a part of regular life March 17, 2015 by

Heavenly Poker | Fascinating! You may have noted that words and terms often used while playing poker have found their way into our daily lives and language.


PokerStars' Italian branch being investigated for tax fraud March 11, 2015 by Eileen Di Rocco

It has been reported by that the Italian branch of online poker service provider PokerStars, Halfords Media Italy, is being investigated in that country for tax evasion and fraud.

MGM brings innovative electronic tables to casino floor March 10, 2015 by Mark Mayer

Pokin' Around | Millennials was the word that most often came up in conservation at last fall’s Global Gaming Expo. MGM Resorts understood it and acted.

House advantages vary by casino game March 10, 2015 by Elliot Frome

Winning Strategies | I received a rather strange question this past week. He wanted to know if doubling down in blackjack is an advantage for the Player or the Casino. House advantages vary greatly in games, but there are some commonalities.

IRS doesn't understand the reality of the casino March 10, 2015 by GT Staff

The Analyst | On March 4th there was a notice of a proposed rule related to “Information Returns; Winnings from Bingo, Keno and Slot Machines.” The notice is to solicit public comment related to suggested rule changes for reporting methods and processes.

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Casino Games

Christina Lindley to join GamingToday

WPT’s Lindley fell in love with poker

Poker professional Christina Lindley will be a featured columnist at GamingToday. Usually when someone says it’s a story out of Hollywood, they are referring to a screenplay, but the tale of World Poker Tour’s Christina Lindley was literal.


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